OpenStack Summit Day 1

Keynote : 

Introduction was good and set a positive scene of the Foundations principles and progress. 

The demo was less convincing. 3 VMs for a lamp stack is pretty straightforward. 

Keynote auditorum. Lets work on my laptop. 

Big data. Thats about all I got from the preso.


Open source approach and backed by Canonical and clear the internal team has some good skills. Could have been less of a Murdoch pitch and more about how the internal team got support and backing of the management team including the CEO with his own dashboard. 


Uberizatiom is the 4th industrial revolution.  Lots of top level facts but about NFV market.  Public cloud isnt over for telcos (outside of the US)


5x9s 99.999s 5.5 minutes per year. HA functionality in OpenNFV. 


Vitrage == root cause analysis. Monitoring. 

4g call centre functionality running on OpenStack. Missing features in OpenStack now in Neutron release. Doctor. Pure OpenStack release. Physical cable cutting. Hmm fundamentally HA seen on lots of systems but not on OpenNFV OpenStack. 

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