Open Source Architects is a site where ideas, thoughts and general ideas about designing and architecting for open source solutions are disseminated.  The authors are primarily from Red Hat Consulting and have some great experience on a range of subjects. The focus on the blog will be around a number of subjects but initially these will include :

  • open source enablement : organisation and process for collaborating and creating open source, not just consuming it.
  • native cloud design : what design techniques and approaches are suitable for cloud native applications and workloads
  • automation : the continuing transformation of the data centre to one that is built and designed on application lines and supports continuous delivery and integration
  • SEMAT Essence : the use of SEMAT for architecting, design and delivering open source projects
  • business drivers : how to judge and measure the likely impact of adoption on DevOps methodologies, open source processes and tools and if they make sense economically.

The blog will develop over time and the range of subjects will expand, with potential focus on specific areas.